Political cartoons as a medium for commentary have been around for ages. 2022 gave me a lot of cannon fodder for cartoons and commentary. For the year in review, let’s take a look at my “Top 10.”

First, I made predictions for 2022:

  1. A university offers an athletic (swimming) scholarship to a fish.
  2. Liz Cheney runs for president of a local bingo club and is soundly defeated.
  3. Hillary Clinton announces a third run for second place.
  4. California passes legislation that allows for in vitro COVID vaccinations and a child is born, wearing a mask.
  5. AOC’s eyes literally pop out of her head after her “Abuela” announces she’s a Republican.
  6. Brian Stelter finally identifies as the thing he is…a potato.
  7. Biden announces that the White House will be known as the Whxte House.
  8. Twitter bans “Let’s,” and “Go,” and “Brandon.”
  9. Jen Psaki announces she’s not really a redhead and is praised for being honest, for once.
  10. Nancy Pelosi spontaneously combusts leaving ash in a pattern that appears to be “666.”

My 2022 predictions might have missed the mark. I came close with:  #3 and #6.

Although Hillary hasn’t “announced” she’s running, we all know she’s stood in front of a window a thousand times this year and said to her reflection: “Madam President.”

Brian Stelter did, kinda, of turn into a potato.

And now, at the end of 2022, I present the “Best of Thompson.” Here are my top 10 from this year, in no particular order:

  1. Biden’s poll numbers have been at crush depth for most of the year. He doesn’t care because he has the memory of a goldfish.

3.  2022 saw the culture jumping sharks and a dude swimming with women and beating them because… he’s a dude. What’s next is a shark getting a D1 scholarship to Penn and dominating not just the NCAA championships but ending up eating the competition. It’s a serious issue – but are we that far off? I fear that we are close to making the [most] ridiculous, a reality.


4. DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas put up his right hand and swore under oath that the southern border is secure. That is a bald-faced provable lie. Mayorkas is a hack. Millions have stampeded across the border and illegal aliens continue to flow across it. Mayorkas continues to claim that the border is secure.

           1672240358 784 The Best of Thompson 2022 – RedState

5. Biden is a demented, incompetent fool with disastrous domestic policies that have caused record inflation. He has no idea what he’s doing, and half the time has no idea where he is. He’s a pathological liar. His lying is, nothing new. He has lied about every aspect of his life. He’s the “Big Guy.” He’s a grifter who has managed to fail upwards, and the press has allowed him to do it. They follow him cleaning up his constant incontinent messes.

              1672240358 537 The Best of Thompson 2022 – RedState

6.  Children were slaughtered while incompetent cowards waited outside. The entire Uvalde school police force was fired. Not good enough.

                1672240358 7 The Best of Thompson 2022 – RedState

7.  Florida passed a law to rein in teachers trying to groom children. Teachers were introducing their private lives and sexualizing eight-year-olds. The Mickey Mouse company jumped in to announce that it would actively work against the state of Florida and the Parental Rights Bill that woke activists called the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” Mickey stepped on a rake. DeSantis and the state of Florida took action against Disney.

            1672240358 790 The Best of Thompson 2022 – RedState

8.   The DOJ and FBI agents raided Donald Trump’s home spending hours bagging and boxing and creeping through everything, from Melania’s underwear to a safe to Trump’s desk. They took photos of paperwork to dramatize its dawn raid. The DOJ  and its armed enforcers looked like a Banana Republic in the process.

                     1672240358 784 The Best of Thompson 2022 – RedState

9.   Liz Cheney got shellacked in her primary and lost her bid for reelection. Mitt Romney loaned her his station wagon so Liz could load up her congressional mementos, tie her RINO to the top of the car, and head out of town. Bye, Lizzer!

        1672240358 993 The Best of Thompson 2022 – RedState

10. Mitch McConnell showed his willingness to transition into a Democrat, and he was joined by 17  fellow “Republicans” willing to begin their transition as well. Next up – whacking off their trunks.

1672240358 908 The Best of Thompson 2022 – RedState
(Credit: Jim Thompson)

2023 should be a year with plenty of cartoon cannon fodder. Thanks for reading. I hope to make you laugh in 2023.

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