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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”


DFT – Pentagon Close To Buying 375 F35 Fighters From Lockheed

DFT – H&M To Sacrifice $192 Million To Close In Russia The don’t have to close, they claim they are just taking a moral stand. Business does not work like that in a capitalist environment.

DFT – Biden Appoints Emergency Board To Avert Rail Strike

A federal judge will hear evidence against the use of electronic voting machines in Arizona’s upcoming midterm elections on Thursday, July 21.

Fox News posts stunning three minute montage of Trump voters ready to ditch him for DeSantis. At this point the single best way to make a decision is to look at what these assholes are telling you to do, and do the opposite. I have never supported Trump as strongly as in this moment.

GOP establishment steps up push to block Trump ally in Ariz.

The Pulitzer Prize Board on Monday announced it is standing by awards given to the New York Times and Washington Post for their reports on the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.

Pence breaks with Trump again in endorsement for Arizona governor, endorsing Karrin Taylor Robson over Kari Lake, who is supported by former President Donald J. Trump.

Hunter Biden still owns stake in Chinese oil company, Chinese records show.

Joe Biden lied, had dozens of meetings with Hunter Biden’s business partner.

A federal court has granted Missouri and Louisiana discovery in a lawsuit against the Biden Administration which alleges Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, and other top-ranking officials colluded with social media giants Facebook (Meta), Twitter, and YouTube to suppress and censor free speech on topics like Hunter Biden’s Laptop, the Lab Leak Theory, and Election Fraud.

Colbert crew arrested for invading US Capitol and harassing GOP lawmakers CLEARED of “Unlawful Entry” charges. Just like that. Given they are in the media, chances are they spend some time running surveillance, so they technically are, “with intelligence.”

Elon Musk plans to file a counter-lawsuit against Twitter in the coming days to push a Delaware Court of Chancery judge to grant Musk’s lawyers more time and power to gather information about bots on Twitter.

Disney, is the worst performing stock in the Dow Jones this year, and it’s trading even lower than when Disney parks and movie theaters were closed in 2020.

Victoria’s Secret is going broke after making the mistake of going woke.

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced his plan to retire at the end of President Joe Biden’s term in a new interview published Monday.

NYC plans to delay second doses of monkeypox vaccine because of jabs shortage as officials warn outbreak is ‘probably’ out of control.

Rumors there are Epstein tapes of Prince Andrew having sex out in the wild. 

White House weighs declaring national climate emergency as soon as this week, per sources, as collapse of talks w/ Manchin leads admin to explore raft of unilateral options.

Sasol outage means all South African oil refineries are now shut.

The US is exporting diesel at the fastest ever rate as the global market’s thirst for fuel remains insatiable.

Rand Paul lights into McConnell over ‘secret’ judicial deal.

Pelosi’s husband buys $1-5 million in Chipmaker stocks right before a big vote on Chipmaker subsidies, and when asked about it, Pelosi’s office says, “The Speaker does not own any stocks. As you can see from the required disclosures, with which the Speaker fully cooperates, these transactions are marked ‘SP’ for Spouse. The Speaker has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transactions.” So it is a safe bet the Chip bill will pass.

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, a transgender, said young people must be empowered to receive “gender affirmation treatment.”

At least 12 shot, 2 stabbed during bloody Sunday night in New York City.

Chicago shootings: 25 shot, 7 fatally, in weekend violence across city.

Baby formula shortage getting worse despite Biden airlifts.

GoFundMe is allowing a small fortune to be collected for kin of the Minneapolis gunman fatally shot by cops after he fired at neighbors, while hard-working Manhattan bodega clerk Jose Alba’s fund got the ax, critics rage.

Rashida Tlaib campaign events in 2018 were organized by alleged terror financiers.

Mars rover finds tumble-weed like object. The best explanation that they can come up with is it might be debris from the craft, but they have no idea what debris might look like that. Looks kind of like a root ball though, after soil fell away.

Uvalde attacker’s uncle drove him to store, thought he was buying food but he bought a rifle instead. Then he brought him back a second time to get another gun, and he let the shooter keep the gun at his house because they upset his grandmother. Still no word on where the $6600 for it all came from.

Leftist former MSNBC contributor to viewers: ‘We may have to fight’ our neighbors.

EV charging stations face mechanical problems – over half inoperable in 1 area.

UK halts all flights at largest Royal Air Force base because “the runway has melted.”

9-year-old Swedish girl beaten into coma on playground by a 13-year-old Ethiopian just given permanent residence.

Get the popcorn – Swedish LGBT writer demands mosques welcome and include homosexuals.

Secret CIA report says Nelson Mandela’s success shows that it’s better to assassinate leaders than to imprison them.

Chinese children coerced to ‘motivate’ grandparents to get COVID jabs.

China on Monday urged the U.S. “not to play with fire” on the Taiwan issue after the U.S. approved the potential sale of military-technical assistance to Taiwan worth an estimated $108 million.

China has dumped over $100 billion of US Treasuries in the last 6 months.

Ukrainian plane that crashed in Greece was carrying NATO weapons diverted from Ukraine, for sale to Hezbollah. Official story was it was Serbian arms going to Bangladesh.

Russia ordered its forces to target the long-range missiles and artillery weapons that Western countries have recently supplied to Ukraine.

Russia ridicules Biden’s trans and non-binary appointees.

EU still insists Moscow will yield under pressure of imposed sanctions. As Germany, France, Finland, Italy, and Sweden head into winter with no gas for heating their population, and no way to get it.

Russia’s Gazprom declares force majeure on some gas supplies to Europe. If ever a headline was deserving of an LOL… Watch all the migrants from more temperate climates flee.

Russia’s gas shutoff is forcing Europe’s biggest buyer of its supplies, Germany, to draw down winter emergency reserves.

Nord Stream turbine on its way to Germany. These are the only idiots who would impose sanctions that are actually going to break themselves first, and force them to capitulate to Russia.

LGBT ‘propaganda’ faces complete ban in Russia.

Staffers in 8 House offices take first steps to unionize.

Panama is the latest country in crisis as citizens rise up against the regime over the high inflation following the COVID pandemic.

Federal Judge blocks Biden administration’s move to allow males to compete in women’s sports.

Could a little-known federal case against a YouTube celebrity result in the overturn of the 1934 National Firearms Act?

Details of Greenwood mall shooter and 22 year old good Samaritan who took him down.

22-year-old who killed Indiana mass shooter was armed because of ‘Constitutional Carry.’

Idaho’s dominant political party charted a new direction for itself over the weekend at its state convention, not only replacing all current members of the GOP state party leadership, but also approving an array of resolutions, rule changes and platform modifications favored by the farthest-right wing of the party.

Spread r/K Theory, because Constitutional Carry saves the day

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