This trend has been growing over the past four years and 25-34-year-olds are also more likely to go down this path, while it’s hardly apparent among over 55s.

Younger Canadians are confident in their ability to spot the companies that will generate the best profits and under 25s are more likely to say their aim is a large return and big profit.

“It’s natural that younger investors, given the long timeline in front of them, would be more inclined to take on more risk,” said Pamela McDonald, the BCSC’s Director, Communications & Education. “But today’s younger investors are increasingly willing to take a chance on a particular company.” 


Investors under 25 are more likely than older cohorts to believe it’s generally possible to ‘time the market’.

They also trade more often – at least once a week – to win back losses, and with larger amounts to ‘maintain excitement’. They are also trying to find new ways to get more money to trade.

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